The host school organized school visits to two (2) schools of Tapa Parish, where participants got an overview of the Estonian school system and heard about the history, the benefits, and school problems within Tapa Vald.

 Project working sessions took place in Tallinn, Tapa, and Lääne Viru County ( the area around Tapa ).  Participants took part in biking tours around Tallinn that showcased the beautiful Old Town, and also showcased the Kopli area.  Kopli consists of many old Soviet buildings and factories that are currently mixed useage buildings, or only partially used, or totally abandoned.

At Tapa Gümnaasium, visiting students were able to spend time in classes with their Estonian hosts, and stayed with their families.  Visiting students were all able to share presentations about their schools and “surrounding areas” in the auditorium to Tapa’s whole high school body.

Students were also able to tour different museums and areas specializing in Estonian culture, interesting renovation projects, and open air museums.

Participating teachers took part in all the tour activities, and discussed further movement and steps in the project.

Teachers and students were able to build bonds and learn about each other’s schools, school problems, environmental issues, and thoughts about the project.


    • Next project meeting will be held in Spain at the end of February
    • The third meeting will be held in Turkey in May
    • All schools have joined the current blog space being used.
    • Romania will develop a website that all schools will join at the next meeting in Spain.
    • All schools are to create an Environmental Club and start activities.
    • Photo contest will take place with in Environmental Clubs.  The photos will be shared at the next meeting in Spain.
    • Theatrical Plays will be written by the students while in Spain.  These plays will all be done with a local twist, and performed in schools upon return.

One more movement to Italy should be included in the project, to be finalized in Spain.