In Midyat, TURKEY  16-20 of May, 2011

Project meeting:  

On the 16th of May, the project meeting started with an informal meeting at the hotel with the participant teachers. The students started with joining the classes at Midyat Anadolu Lisesi with their host friends. After all the partner schools arrived in Midyat, all the participant teachers and students took part in the arranged tour of historical Midyat. They had an overview of the culture and daily lives in the city.

On the 17th of May, the formal opening ceremony of the meeting was held in Midyat Anadolu Lisesi. The objectives of the project were referred to once again. The participants enjoyed the mini Türkü (Turkish folk music) concert. The groups presented gifts to each other. All the groups presented their video-taped theatre plays prepared at each school before. All the plays were really very interesting with their unique performance. Then, participants were taken to Hasankeyf, an ancient, historical city.

On the 18th of May, the participants visited beautiful Mardin city where there are hundreds-year-old stone houses, reflecting the lives of the ancient civilizations. The city is very important in that its natural environment has been well protected so far.

On the 19th of May, the Turkish Youth and Sports Day was celebrated. The participant students were told about the importance about the day, about the role of the young for healthy and peaceful future generations. The students had a Turkish lesson where some cultural behaviors were exemplified and some traditional games were played. At school, the participant teachers met to plan what would be done in the next meeting in Portugal. At dinner, certifications were delivered. In the closing ceremony, some cultural souvenirs were presented to the participants and the participants offered their good wishes to eachother. At the end of the ceremony, traditional “Turkish Henna Night” (Kına Gecesi) which is organized in the night before the wedding day, was animated by a group of students and teachers composed of different members of the groups.

On the 20th of May, some of the groups left Midyat and some of them joined the picnic organized especially to experience the very beauty of the nature on the spot. It was helpful to make the students to comprehend or remind once more the importance of protecting the natural areas from the hazards of exogenous factors like human beings.

Throughout the meeting, teachers and students. were able to share experience and ideas about the project, their cultures, daily lives, their own environments and the solutions for common problems.


  • Next project meeting will be held in Portugal at the beginning of October.
  • The fourth meeting will be held in Italy, probably in February 2012.
  • Romania have gathered the questions from each school and have prepared a questionnaire.
  • For Portugal meeting, all schools will prepare powerpoint presentations presenting the school life, daily life and culture of the each partner country.

In Portugal meeting, the results of the questionnaires delivered in Turkey will be shared.