The Environmental Club

The earth is already showing signs of worldwide climate change. Industrialization, deforestation, and pollution have greatly increased the concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere. These all will lead to the more serious results of the global warming. So, the very beginning of all concerns is environment. That’s why it’s important to involve students in activities related to the environment in order to offer solutions for a common problem.

The objectives of the environmental club are:

-          Identifying some local and global problems concerning the environment

-          Teaching students how to protect the environment

-          Motivating the students to get involved in concrete activities regarding the environment

-                    Stimulating the interest for study and research

-          Improving students' understanding of "possessing one world, each has one, and is one", and motivating their cooperation in problem solving.

The environmental club is addressed to students who are interested in doing something effective in order to help the environment. The activities within the environmental club have the purpose of studying and helping the environment through:

-          Watching documentary movies

  •           Organizing seminars on different themes related to the environment
  •           Creating images and representative pictures exibitions, but also didactic materials
  •            Creating eco decorations and objects from recycling materials
  •           Organizing visits and trips
  •           Developing a magazine with articles written by students
  •          Organizing contests on different themes related to the environment.