The Green Corner


The story of the Green Corner


Once upon a time there was a high school named “Ion
Neculce”. Every day, hundreds of students walked into it guided by lots of
teachers. Each of them had his own dreams and plans. They were all different:
some of them loved literature, some loved numbers, while others lived through
colors and others sang their way through life. Till one day when all the
differences among them disappeared and they all were guided by the same
thought, the same wish, the same feeling.

But who made this spell possible? It must have been a
huge force which brought a change in the high school. The Fairy Nature decided
to make a spell, spreading magic dust on the leaves of all the flowers in the
school, so every student who saw the flowers was charmed. Now, the common
feeling was love for the entire nature. Those who didn’t know each other, those
from different profiles and with different thoughts united their forces for
nature and decided to make something to protect it.

Therefore, they gathered in a school’s corner and
decided call it “The Green Corner”. They gathered pictures from different
ecological activities, they began recycling paper, plastic, light bulbs and
batteries, encouraging themselves with attractive quotes that eventually made a
difference for the environment.

They gave the Green Corner a fresh look by using nice
colored flowers and leaves. They were very satisfied with their work and they
decided not to break the magic spell made by the Fairy Nature.

“Ion Neculce” high school learned how to love and to
protect the environment and the proof is the Green Corner, whose story I just
told you.